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Bolin - Language learning system

BL-2086B Multimedia digital language learning system specification

  1. BL-2086B digital language learning system which adopts advanced digital and network technology, the system's hardware kernel adopts international standard, so the system has excellent advantage and stability.
  2. BL-2086B digital language learning system not only contains the main function of traditional analog learning system, but also avoids the audio-serial disturb problems and the frequent mechanical failure. Further more,
  3. BL-2086B digital language learning system has realized open function for students' self-studying,
  4. Including that students can order listening and exam resources. 


Language laboratory




Digital language learning system Features and main functions:






All students can listen to teacher speaking


Teacher can select one or several students(no more than 3) to demonstrate, and transfer the audio signals to whole class


Teacher can make dialogues with a selected student.


Teacher can select 1 or 2 students to translate when listening to tape. Other students can hear the translator and teacher voice.


Teacher start a quiz, student select ABCDE on student machine. Then teacher press Answer, the interface show students’ answers.

Group teaching

Teacher can divide the students into several groups (no more than 8), and each group can listen to different program.


Clear the status of Demo, Dialog, Translate, Quiz, Call functions. Return to default status.



Teacher can divide the students into several groups and each group can discuss independently. Divided into group 2 by row, group2 by column, group 4.



Support AB-paper test and text test

Support Standardization Exam, Write Exam, Listening Exam, Oral Exam



Dialog, make dialog with 1 selected student

Monitor, monitor sound of 1 selected student

Surveillance, surveillance any student machine screen, can see the movement on student machine


Play, play audio files on the teacher computer

Read, read text files

Write, write text, and file can be saved on teacher computer

Test, select any test and answer it, after finish, check score and correct answer

Exercise, practice English typing, and system will automatically check if typing is correct

Record, record student sound and save it on teacher computer. And student can use Play function to listen to the voice just recorded.

IP Tel. One student can call another student to talk.

Other function


Under the function of Teaching and Discussing, teacher can draw any thing on the broad, and student can watch the drawing on student machine.

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