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New Terravox LLC company has been providing variety of integrated communication technologies, satellite service, building, IT equipment solutions, especially full conference system and now cooperates with 58 governmental organizations and 126 well-known companies such as Mongolian Customs, Representative offices General Court in US states, SES of National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city Police, Governor’s Office in Tuv aimag, Mongolian Armed Force etc..


Our goal is determine new development of Mongolian IT section, and we provide our highly trained, experienced engineers implement latest IT equipment, satellite internet services in rural areas and serve you high qualified ensured service. Furthermore, “New Terravox” LLC connected the Mongolian Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Mongolian Embassies in other 39 countries by video conference system.


During these times, we have developed trustworthy relationship with our customers and established our position in conference communication systems market. We also co-operates with State Special Security Department, General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia and National Cyber Security Center. Regarding to “Electron Khovd” project, “New Terravox” LLC established wireless network and camera system in Khovd city. 

Short descriptions to some of our major performed works:

  • In 2013, in order to connect the government of Mongolia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the 39 Embassies of Mongolia around the word, we have established a unified video conferencing system with the latest solution products from the Cisco brand.
  • In 2014, working together with the Ministry of Defense of Mongolia, we have provided continuous satellite network to the staff and military team of a peacekeeping operation in Sudan, giving them the opportunity to communicate with the administration as well as with their family and loved ones without any interruptions.
  • In 2016, we were fully responsible in providing 16 language translation system and sound and image storage transfers during the high-level Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).
  • In 2016, we have installed surveillance traffic cameras at the roads of the Ulaangom city, Uvs province.
  • In 2017, we have fully completed a surveillance camera and information announcement system at the “Zaisan Hill” resort complex.
  • In 2017, working together with the Disaster Management Department we have created an emergency management center furthermore, we have installed a video conference system for emergency situations between information controlling network system and the regional centers.
  • In 2017, we have installed a surveillance camera at the center of Mongolian University of Life Sciences as well as at their branch schools, furthermore we have built an IP mobile network service, expanded the data center while supplying the boarding rooms with wired and wireless Internet service.
  • From 2017, we have started working as an official supplier with the “Oyu Tolgoi” LLC. 



Satellite internet service

We offer this service in mining sites and farthest from city areas where don’t have any communication network. Using this service, customers can access to internet, write and receive emails, to attend video conference with fixed expenses.

Satellite resource network
Even farthest from city areas have communication network, they should have resource network in case of any emergency, damage or breakage to the network. Our satellite resource network service which is not related from any ground network helps customers to work any network interruption.
Video conference system
Our company have developed trustworthy relationship with our customers and established our position in conference communication systems market. We had covered 70% ofconference communication systems market of the Mongolia. Video conference is the new level of the communication and it gives real live communication no matter of time and distance difference.
Transport and Mobility  

Asia has been experiencing an explosive urbanisation : by 2050 almost 70% of world’s population will be living in cities. Our company works on projects in order to tackle the mobility challenges of the future. We support the design, creation and delivery of projects in the field of public transport, congestion management systems, transport infrastructures and air transport solutions for Mongolia.


NTX supports the development of complex health care technology projects in Mongolia, providing state of the art medical technology solutions. By taking a comprehensive and integrated approach to client needs and offering custom tailored solutions, we create sustainable benefits for our clients and improve health care delivery.

Our technical expertise and project management capabilities are supported by a strong financial background and access to project financing

Portable communication system
This service is intended for geological team, tourist team, emergency team which works in different areas with mobility service. We offer compact communication system sets such as INMARSAT BGAN, SAFARY to customers.
The conference room audio conferencing system is offered by TAIDEN, DSPPA, GONSIN and JTSound to offer their products and solutions. The construction public address system is equipped with equipment to work in up to 2 to 200 zones and is fully integrated with a vocal speaker. 
Sales and technical services for all IT equipments
We import brand computers from Singapore, HongKong, China and we offer technical services in warranty period. We have been working as an official representative of CISCO, Polycom, UCi2i companies in Mongolia since established. Also we supply UPSs and wireless network equipments from Prolink company inSingapore.
Language laboratory system
We offer Foreign language Lab system for high school, University, Foreign language course from BOLIN, JER, WINTA companies from China.
IP & Analogy camera system
Now IP & Analogy camera system is the most needed service for offices, buildings and houses. We offer complete solution using cameras from USA, Korea, China and Singapore.
Satellite phone service  
Based on satellite service, IRIDIUM ISAT phones is the best communication device for customers. It is not dependent from any ground network and provide continuous operation anywhere in the world. We offer these phones to customers with reasonable prices.  
Тодорхой зайнд тохируулж өгсөн давтамжийг ашиглан өөр хоорондоо харилцан холбогдох боломжтой KENWOOD, VERTEX STANDART, CODAN зэрэг брэндүүдийн гар, суурин, машины гэх төрлөөр богино долгионы станцуудыг хэрэглэгчидэд нийлүүлж, засвар үйлчилгээг бүрэн хариуцан ажиллаж байна.  
Server and storage  
We providing the professional service which is utilized in organization operation for working the system reliable and continually, including define the rate of the server computer and storage equipment, make installation adjustment for infrastructure solution, administrate onsite and offsite, show technical support and services.  
Software and licensing  
We proving authorised licensing service to organization.  
Information security  
Rapid development of current social in every moment, it is important to utilize the information a very fast, however, to protect the information in electronic environment is more important. Each moment there is a lot of information exchange in internal operation of the organization such as finance, business performance, customer and human resource. These information will be safety and reliable centralized, kept and managed, is providing the organization’s long time stable operation from one side as well as it becomes expression of reputation which will improve trust of the customer and a bigger partners.    
Information recording and streaming system in education and health care field  
With the limitation of space and time, how to present all the valuable lectures and surgeries to more students is the main problem. Many products have been developed to share lectures to more students and surgeries to more doctors or medical students. Our company is an official partner of Reach company in China. Reach company aims to provide the most advanced products and compressive solutions involving information recording and streaming system in the fields of Education, Training and Healthcare. This service and products can give advantages such as recording all media information which can be replayed anytime anywhere, user-friendly interface, special hardware platform, embedded operating systems to customers. Reach is constantly refining its products to make customers realize their full potential and maximize profit by helping customers train and create a highly skilled workforce.  
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