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Public address system

2018-06-15 04:39:53


Public address system can provide public information, newsletters, audible alerts, music and pre-made audio ads and advertisements on a timely basis and urgent use of fire and other alarm systems in order to deliver timely information to disaster and emergency situations. It is important to get it.

We offer Gonsin, DSPPA and CMX equipment. 


  • Segment announcement
  • Camera and fire alarm systems enable more efficient control of centralized control
  • Make an automatic announcement of self-nourishment when no special sources of emergency exist
  • Timer Auto Adjustment
  • Music and song delivery
  • Configure network 
  • Segment options
  • Connect with FM receiver
  • The products are of high quality. 
Depending on the use of the system, it is possible to install schools, kindergartens, factories, shops, warehouses, offices, trade and service centers, interiors, hotels, outdoor areas, childrens parks, zoos, hospitals, banks, restaurants and so on. . 


2016-2018 projects:  

  • Tanan Impex LLC
  • “Zaisan Hill” Complex
  • Mongolian Armed Forces


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  • Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia

  • Ministry of Defence

  • Khovd provence

  • National University of Mongolia

  • Нийслэлийн Мэдээллийн Технологийн Газар

  • Oyu Tolgoi LLC

  • Цаг Уур, Орчны Шинжилгээний Газар

  • Polycom

  • Bolin

  • Codan

  • Kemp Technologies

  • Gonsin

  • Planet



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